Dr stephen ferguson -joints, body aches completely healed- live blood test

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I had fibromyalgia and arthritis. I was so fatigued and tired most of the time.  I had pain all over my body, in muscles, joints tendons. I had body aches and stiffness especially in the mornings; it was always difficult to get out of bed. But on a lucky day after taking strong pain killers sometimes the pain could gradually reduce. But winters were my worst night mares as the pain was always severe during this period. A good night sleep was something that I didn’t have for a long time, due to the body and muscle aches. The pains made it very difficult to do routine and basic tasks through out the day. This brought so much frustration and anxiety and left me emotionally and mentally distressed. I became very isolated, I felt people around me were not caring enough; some were less sympathetic, thinking that it was not as bad as I made out to be. But it was lack of awareness on their side about the disease and its effects.

I found out about Dr Stephen Ferguson from galaxy radio. So I decided to come and see him for a live blood test. My blood

was not good, the circulation was so poor, it was shockingly bad. I was so terrified at first not knowing what to expect. But Dr Stephen Ferguson assured me that once he put me on the programme and followed it for a few weeks, it should get better. So he put me on 8weeks programme, where I had to take some vitamins and food supplements. He strongly advised me to start healthy eating, eat mostly natural foods; he also put me off some foods which I think was a brave idea and good decision on my side. Dr Stephen Ferguson encouraged me to include a fitness routine in my life style.


After a few weeks there was a massive improvement in the way I felt, I could sleep without much destruction. My body aches reduced, felt a lot better and more energetic. I was so happy within myself. I could do a lot of things by myself. On completion of the 8 weeks I was a completely different person. I was pain free, it almost sounds strange but it’s true. And when I came back to see Dr Stephen Ferguson, the live blood test was good. I was so excited and i have to continue with the healthy diet and the vitamins to keep my arthritis in check.


I would recommend everyone who has not done the live blood test to come and see Dr Stephen Ferguson for one.


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