Doctor Stephen Ferguson- I feel healthier and all the anxiety has disappeared

I was diagnosed with Graves disease after a number of tests at the hospital.  The onset of Graves disease is caused by overactive thyroid glands that produced too much hormones.  It tends to affect women more than men, so I was surprised when I was diagnosed with this condition!  I was informed that my condition was quite easy to treat and in some cases it goes away for several months or years.   I had to take tablets to control the excess hormones produced by my thyroid glands.  However, I felt generally unwell again and returned to my GP who then referred me to the hospital for further tests.  This time, I was told that I required radioactive iodine therapy if my condition worsened.  I was shocked to hear that and was uncomfortable to take any radioactive stuff and promptly refused the proposed treatment.  The side-effects if I underwent the radioactive treatment would have still brought me back to the hospital if not sooner, later with side effects to deal with!  I thought Grave’s disease usually did not have long term side effects and my symptoms should go away with the tablets prescribed by the Doctors.

By chance I heard about Doctor Stephen Ferguson and the Natural Health Clinic over the radio one day.  I looked up his website and thought I would give it a try since the treatments were natural.

I am so very pleased that I met Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the clinic.  He put me on a prescribed diet and I took some natural vitamins and a blood cleanser to clean up my blood cells that were full of gunk!  I did exercises that were prescribed to do at home on a daily basis.  Overall, I saw an amazing improvement after just two months on the programme.  My condition disappeared.  It is now three months that I am off my thyroid tablets!  I feel healthy, I don’t seem to catch colds, I don’t have the shakes and feeling anxious.  I have gained a healthy weight after losing quite a bit in the past.  My don’t feel my heart beating rapidly, scared and experience sweaty and clammy hands.  I have adequate energy levels to do what I need to do throughout the day.  I only feel tired when I have done too many things in that day!

I recommend my children, relatives and friends to Doctor Stephen Ferguson for the marvellous job he did on me and I am so very pleased not have underwent the radioactive therapy!  I healed the natural way.

Dr Stephen Ferguson; Feel better now! Graves disease, migraine, dizziness

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson after struggling with Graves disease for some time.  Graves disease is a condition where my thyroid level is overactive and produce too much thyroid hormones.  As a result of that, in my situation, it caused problems such as headaches, migraines, and dizziness, loss of appetite, changes in body temperature- hot and cold, constant tiredness.  It even affected my eyes too! My vision became blurred and felt uncomfortable in the eyes. I never walked out of my home without my sunglasses.  My eyes were sensitive to light, even when there was no sun, they were dry and felt very uncomfortable.  Sometimes I had to focus to really see or read because at times, my vision became very blurry.   I visited the doctors and hospital many times.  I was prescribed medication and eye drops to reduce my eye discomfort.  I read about the illness to help me understand and cope with it.  I read that it is an “autoimmune” disease where the body attacks itself, in my situation; it was attacking my thyroid glands and my eyes.

I felt like I was losing control of myself at times which made me feel helpless.  I lost my appetite, I couldn’t control my weight, it was swinging but losing more weight.  Most of the times, I was tired and felt no energy to do things, even simple things.  Concentration became a problem and gave up doing things very quickly.  I went back to see the doctors several times, eventually suggested radioactive iodine as a last resort to reduce my thyroid gland.  The downside to this is a possibility of thyroid under activity, another condition to live with!  I didn’t want to accept that!

I am so glad to have gone to see Doctor Ferguson.  He did a live blood test and put me on a supervised health programme.  I feel so much better, my weight is better, I’ve gained my appetite back, my dizziness and tiredness have gone.  I have the motivation to exercise.  My energy is so much better.

I am happier now and looking forward to better health with hope and results from Doctor Ferguson.  Thank you for your help Doctor Ferguson.